Companies & Brands

Dome Garden Supplies
International wholesale division
Dome Garden Supplies is an industry leader in hydroponics, sourcing and distributing world-renowned products, brands and technology.
Retail chain
Hyalite is the largest hydroponic retail chain in the Asia-pacific region. With 8 stores located in Australia’s eastern states and 12 stores throughout New Zealand, Hyalite offers a leading range of quality and innovative products. At every Hyalite store, gardeners find the right solution to their needs with the help of expert and personalised advice.
Horticultural equipment manufacturer
Located in Guangzhou China, Hydrostar Ltd was established in the year 2000 as one of the first companies to commence manufacturing products for the horticultural market and distributed globally.
Substrate & fertilizer manufacturer
Focusing on quality and yield. The demand of the global gardener is fulfilled by the proven, easy to use Nutrifield range of growing solutions and substrates for gardens both inside and out. Through the synergy of science and nature, Nutrifield is all about creating the best growth solutions for gardeners around the world. The Nutrifield Team
Western Electrical
Lighting and enviromental solutions
Western Electrical has been designing, developing and manufacturing the highest quality products for the horticultural industry throughout Australia and across the world for the past 20 years. With a constant commitment to R&D, Western Electrical is always at the forefront of delivering new and efficient products, tailored to meet individual market demands.
Hydroponic Lighting equipment
Hortitek is an international, market leading brand for hydroponic lighting equipment. Born from the innovative Western Electrical, Hortitek cutting-edge design has placed it at the forefront of the hydroponics industry. Each product offers workhorse reliability, state of the art functionality, maximum efficiency and industrial strength at an affordable price point.
Indoor Sun
Horticultural Grow Lamps
Indoor Sun lamps have been carefully engineered & designed in Australia by Western Electrical to provide a superior horticultural choice when it comes to performance. Covering a wide range of High-intensity Discharge Lamps including HPS, MH and CMH, Indoor Sun Lamps range from 250W to 1000W covers different applications and plant growth cycles.
Lighting the Way
Lucius creates perfect lighting solutions for your horticultural needs, with the emphasis on efficient gardening techniques to help you increase yield and save money.